Lombok earthquake

samedi 11 août 2018

Hans Snellings

3 major earthquakes have caused sevre damage to the Island of Lombok, in Indonesia. More than 250 people died, at least 270,000 are homeless, thousands of buildings have been destroyed. Hospitals have transferred their patients into tents out of fear for other aftershocks.


Rotary is directly and indirectly involved in multiple support actions.


ShelterBox has send out  a response team to evaluate the need for support, in close collaboration with local Rotary contacts and local authorities. Fore more info see : https://www.shelterbox.org/lombok-earthquake


HSF/HZG Hospital without Frontiers disposes of medical emergency and hospi kits in order to support the local medical teams, and also offers a portable solution for water purification. For more info see : http://www.hsf.be/


Local Rotarian Dr. Budi Laksono, from RC Semarang has gone to the island to help in the first aidvand emergency medical treatments and will look at supporting the local population with easy to build, locally sourced small houses that can be build with 6 persons in 6 hours : the AB6 house. Based on the experience of assisting the population after the 2004 Tsunami, Dr Laksono has actively participated in elaborating these solutions.

The AB6 house is a one room small house, made out of standard construction equipment that can be sourced locally and is easy to build for a low cost of 500 USD each. The constructions are sufficiently strong to last for several months up to 1 year.

For more info see :  AB6 House

Dr Budi Laksono reported on Aug 9th :

"In classical management of the disaster management, we are still focus in emergency help. Its about health service due to the injures and  and bone fracture. the clinic hospital  approach.

The fast shelter was approach by erecting the tents and after month of 3th - 6th, in rehabilitation phase, government built temporary shelter that usually like a barrack. after a year to 3 year the house then were built. the reason of these are budget that was not provided readily. government should making the plan the to spent money.


Based on my experience in Aceh disaseter, I can feel by my self that living in tent was not confort after 6 days.   Based on these and also our experience in shelter box Rotary that provide the tent that sometimes was not cheap, I promote a fast house. the house was created by wood or local material. fixed well hence resist to the earthquake, easy : the developer are refugees in a group of 6 person and the material price at that time ( 2005) no more 6 million rupiah ( $ US 500). And to build this house is 6 hours only. so we named this AB6 HOUSE. 


We use, like all rotary accounting , the at cost only accounting. With the families we plan and buy the material. I hope in Lombok the price still enough in 6 million rupiah. However, we should check the price and availability in the field. We did not give the labour cost since refugees them selves who buid it in group of 6 person. one day one house. The group will finished their work of 6 houses in 6 days.


The house was belonging to the families and located in each area of the families themselves. they may upgrade then after living there.  The house was cheap as price of tent that we buy for refuges, but the use was much nicer that a tent.  Base on these condition, I promote in health and infrastructure management of the rehabilitation, the fast house may be use in fast response even in emergency phase. "

Dr Laksono hopes to be able to build 25-50 small houses, and furthermore get also governamental support to expand the project much further.

RC donations can be made to the D1630 District IBAN BE05 0013 0655 8775, Bic GEBABEBB mentioning : « Don/Gift Lombok ».

Patients sleep in tents outside their hospitals

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Small house build in 6 hours with 6 persons

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